The Green Side of Cola

Green Cola is a unique beverage which combines the great taste and enjoyment of cola with natural ingredients. The recipe is the answer to the growing consumer need for refreshments that support a healthier and more balanced lifestyle; it contains stevia leaf extract sweetener, natural flavors and natural caffeine from green coffee beans. There is no sugar, no aspartame, no preservatives, no phosphoric acid and no calories.

The Green Cola Company started operating in the late 2011, aiming to deliver a new category of soft drinks based on natural ingredients. That’s how Green Cola, β€œthe green side of soft drinks”, was created! In 2012 the company launched Green Cola, and moving further, expanded its product line to include Green Orange, Green Lemon, Green Lemon-Lime, Green Sour Cherry and Mocktail Mojito, containing real fruit juice. Since 2016 Green Cola has expanded internationally, establishing a presence in 31 countries. In 2019 Green Cola began selling beverages in the United States. Green Cola Bottling International aims to become one of the fastest growing and most innovative beverage companies in the world.

MHK Trading and Ship Chandlers LLC is the importer and exclusive distributor for Green Cola covering the entire 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates.