What is Green Cola, and why should you switch from traditional Sugar-based Carbonated drinks?

by Green Cola
Green cola is one of the most obvious nutritional oxymorons one might come up with. But unfortunately, the regular carbonated drinks we consume contain harmful ingredients, including aspartame, preservatives, processed sugar, and extra calories that have nothing to do with our health.
As science is revolutionizing every aspect of life, so is true in the case of beverages. Now in the market, you can find a natural extract-based soft drink like Green Cola. Now you can satisfy your cola craves without consuming extra calories that processed sugar-containing drinks have.
These drinks can actually improve your health.
It is a distinctive beverage made of natural ingredients like stevia leaf extract, natural green beans' caffeine, and natural flavors. Green cola- It's not just cola; you can enjoy various flavored soft drinks such as cherry, Lemon, LemonLime, Orange, Mocktail Mojito and Pink Grapefruit. Since 2011, Green Cola has been on a mission to create global awareness about the importance of consuming soft drinks containing natural ingredients.
Disadvantages of sugar-based carbonated drinks
Carbonated drinks are in high consumption around the globe. But now, these traditional carbonated drinks have been part of many public health policies to reduce their usage by some energizing drinks based on natural ingredients. Sugary carbonated drinks provide extra calories but no essential nutrients like vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Research indicates that one average can of regular carbonated drink has around 150 calories, increasing the human weight by 5 pounds in a year.
Besides increased human weight, these processed and artificial ingredients contained in carbonated drinks cause chronic health risks, such as diabetes, liver, stomach, and heart diseases. Various studies on children's health found that soft drinks lead to overweight and obesity. Moreover, consuming these carbonated drinks regularly significantly affects the human brain. Some research indicates that high blood sugar levels caused by these sugary drinks increase the chances of dementia.
Hence, there are many shortcomings of such unhealthy drinks. It is challenging to abandon these drinks because human consumption habits led us to crave carbonated drinks.
To solve this problem, Green Cola is here!
Cutting back on sugar-based carbonated drinks
For a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we must avoid sugary carbonated drinks. Hence, there is a need to shift from traditional carbonated drinks to natural ingredients-based drinks. Food Data Central has declared Stevia "calorie-free," a plant extract used as a sweetener in various food items and beverages. The sweetening ingredients of stevia are naturally present. This property may be helpful to people who prefer naturally derived beverages. The low-calorie content certifies Stevia as a healthy alternative to diabetes management or weight loss without compromising on leaving carbonated drinks.
Here are some possible health benefits of consuming Stevia-containing soft drinks.
Studies show that stevia sweeteners do not add calories or carbohydrates to the diet. This extract also didn't affect blood glucose or insulin response. This allows people with diabetes to use green cola as their preferred soft drink.
Weight control
By consuming plant extract-based beverages like green cola, you can have peace of mind because you are consuming calories while having a perfect taste of a carbonated drink. 
Children's diets
Children's health is top of the list that regular carbonated drinks adversely affect. Switching from sugar-containing carbonated drinks to plant-based extracts will keep children away from unwanted sugars and other chemicals. 
Green Cola has a range of healthier beverages as the finest replacement for unhealthy carbonated products. Green cola's refreshing and natural flavored drinks are rich in natural fruits with natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans. The usage of stevia leaf offers the flavor of sugar without any calories. It is a pure, calorie-free, and natural sweetener.
Along with this, it improves our digestive and intestinal functions. Therefore, Stevia is the most suitable for diabetic patients. The natural caffeine in beans boosts the taste of Green Cola and provides health benefits for consumers; for example, it enhances metabolism and deters diabetes and heart diseases.
From where can I purchase Green cola?
Green Cola can be purchased online at Greencola.ae and also from all major retail and online stores across the UAE, including Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, Choithram, Union Coop, Noon, and many more. 
Words for you!
Green Cola must be your favorite drink if you're interested in the greener side of soda and refreshment. It contains no preservatives, sugar, or aspartame and is made with natural flavors, making it a great alternative to sodas.
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