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The long-term and excessive use of regular soft drinks containing large amounts of sugar can pose serious health hazards, including increased appetite, depression, cancer risks, headaches, obesity, dental issues, and cardiovascular problems. People concerned about their health are now looking for options with fewer or no health hazards. For this reason, Stevia sweetened beverages are becoming more and more popular worldwide.

Sweet is not always sweet for your health!

Stevia is a natural sweetener becoming widely popular as an alternative to white sugar and is derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. Due to its remarkable properties of being 200 times sweeter than table sugar but with zero calories, it is the first choice of many people interested in weight loss or who are diabetic.

Health benefits of Stevia sweetened beverages

You can attain the following health benefits while using beverages that are sweetened with Stevia instead of other artificial sweeteners.

  • Diabetic persons can enjoy various stevia-sweetened drinks as it does not affect the blood glucose and insulin response.
  • Replacing drinks loaded with sugar and calories with stevia-sweetened drinks can contribute to weight loss and reduce obesity and associated problems.
  • The antioxidants in Stevia can prevent the risk of many diseases, including pancreatic cancer.
  • Some studies reveal that there is a possibility that the stevia plant has cardiotonic action, and using stevia-sweetened drinks can help in normalizing heartbeat and blood pressure. Further studies are necessary to confirm these facts.
  • Stevia sweetened beverages are a safer option for children fond of sweet and fizzy drinks.
  • A study in 2009 revealed that using Stevia can help to manage cholesterol levels in the body without any side effects.

Using Stevia safely

The quality of Stevia in different products in the market is not the same. Some forms are highly refined, while others are combined with other sweeteners like maltodextrin, dextrose, and erythritol, which affects its potential health effects. The less processed form may also lack safe use, so selecting the form of Stevia that is safest and best for health is crucial.

Don't trust all Stevia products on the market!

Green cola – A great stevia-sweetened beverage

Green cola is an excellent stevia-sweetened beverage that has Stevia derived from a 100% natural source which is then processed and combined with the ingredients to ensure safe use of the stevia plant. Due to the high quality and great taste of green cola, drinks are becoming very popular with increasing demand globally. With no sugar and no calories, green cola is the perfect choice for people wanting to lose weight or want a sugar-free drink. Visit for further details and orders! 

Words for you!

Many drinks in the market are loaded with high sugar content and calories. Stevia-sweetened beverages are a healthy and safe alternative to these drinks. They keep you hydrated and fresh without adding sugar and calories to your body. Green cola is an excellent option as a stevia-sweetened beverage as it is available in various flavors and contains Stevia derived from natural sources in a high-quality form.