by Green Cola

Summer is on its boom in most areas of the world. To beat the heat, prepare yourself some low-calorie energy drinks that will keep you hydrated in a healthy way. These drinks are a rich source of nutrients that your body needs without putting on extra pounds. The best strategy in summer is to consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, liquids, and fluids to keep the body hydrated. You can find an endless variety of drinks in the market, but the question is how to make the perfect selection that gives them the maximum health benefits.

Most of the drinks available in the market are loaded with calories that are not fit for use, especially if you are interested in losing weight. So have a cautious look at the ingredients and calorie content when including them in your diet. Here are six fantastic low-calorie drinks you can enjoy this summer without any worry about the calorie content.

1-Green cola

Green cola is a perfect choice for people looking for low-calorie options with the great taste and fun of traditional cola drinks. Green cola contains no sugar, preservatives, aspartame, phosphoric acid, and calories, eliminating all the health risks associated with using traditional cola drinks and beverages. Aiming at the mission to deliver a new class of soft drinks derived from natural ingredient 

Green cola is a true picture of the green side of soft drinks.

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Green Cola

2-Green grapes and cucumber smoothie

You can prepare this drink at home in no time with simple ingredients from your kitchen. Green smoothies are always low in calories and high in nutrients, including fiber, healthy carbohydrates, vitamins, and low fats and minerals. This smoothie uses whole fruit and vegetable, making sure you get all the nutrition present in them.

Put in the blender 2  peeled and chopped cucumbers, 2 cups of water, 1/4/cup green grapes, ½ cup barley grass juice, two peaches, 3-4 mint leaves, and ice cubes. Blend until all the ingredients mix well.  

3-Iced tea

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy iced teas' healing and nutritional qualities. The natural flavor of fresh herbs, raw honey, and lemon perfectly combines freshness and sweetness. These iced teas support the digestive system and provide a soothing effect with natural anti-bacterial properties with vitamin C in the lemon.

4-Coconut water 

The water in young green coconuts is a refreshing option when the season gets hot and wild. After a sweaty workout class or a hot day on a sandy beach, coconut water is the perfect drink to replenish the electrolytes, minerals, and antioxidants in your body. This drink has far fewer calories than any other regular sports drink.

So crack the coconuts when the heat drains you!

5-Fresh juices

Providing a quick energy boost, fresh juices are an excellent choice with low calories. Fresh juices of apples, lemon, orange, cucumber, ginger, and kale are better options than a cup of coffee for breakfast.

6-Watermelon cooler

Watermelon is a fruit containing a lot of water, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and very few calories. Its smoothie can keep you hydrated in extreme conditions like a workout or days on a beach. You can add a little lemon juice and ice to the smoothie to make it taste better.

Words for you!

Beat this summer with low-calorie drinks that keep you hydrated and replenish the minerals and electrolytes your body loses in the heat. Green cola, fruits and vegetable smoothies, iced tea, coconut water, and fresh juices are the best options to use in the summer to keep your body and mind fresh and active.