by Green Cola

Many people ask the question, what are healthier alternatives to soft drinks? This question arises because they are not interested in soft drinks containing high sugar, which can harm their health. However, some soft drinks companies have tried to rebrand by adding more flavor and variety to their soft drinks. The companies combat downward trends against their soft drinks by shrinking the bottle or can size. But soft drinks use continues to drop. So, why are soft drinks bad for your health? 

The body metabolism of everyone is not the same. However, any soft drink with large amounts of sugar can cause high blood sugar. One can of soft drinks contains 7–10 teaspoons of sugar. Regular use of soft drinks has consequences for weight gain, diabetes, and metabolic syndromes, which means a collection of risk factors. These include kidney disease, high blood pressure, and heart disease sooner or later. Tooth decay also happens due to the use of soft drinks. Bacteria in the mouth use sugar to produce acid, which decays the tooth surface.

Alternatives to soft drinks

Health is wealth!

So health is more important than anything in the world. There are beneficial substitutions to soft drinks like Green Cola, which contain natural, healthier ingredients that can make you feel better about your choices of soft drinks. There are several other replacements for soft drinks with qualities like soft drinks without sugar. Mineral water contains various minerals balanced in taste with the nutritional benefits of minerals. Mineral water could be sparkling and still due to the presence or absence of gases. Coconut water is the transparent liquid inside coconuts. It is a popular drink in tropical countries, an alternative to plain water, with a natural source of potassium and electrolytes. Sparkling lemonade is made with natural lemon and soda water. Further, there are also water combinations with fruit and herbs for flavor, simply mixing chop of fruits and herbs with water in a reusable water bottle. 

Recommendations for the replacement of soft drinks with Green Cola

If you want to start drinking tasty alternatives to soft drinks, we have exciting suggestions, one of which is Green Cola. It contains sweetener of stevia leaf extract, natural flavors, and green coffee beans are a source of natural caffeine. Remarkably, all green cola contains no sugar, aspartame, preservatives, phosphoric acid, or calories.

Go green with green cola!

Since 2011, the Green Cola Company has been delivering a new category of soft drinks based on natural ingredients. Green Cola's flavored drinks include Green Orange, Green Lemon, Green Lemon-Lime, Green Cherry, Green Mocktail Mojito and the latest addition Green Mocktail Pink Grapefruit, containing real fruit juice. The brand has also recently launched Green Cola No Caffeine, now available in the UAE.

The importer of Green Cola in the United Arab Emirates is MHK Trading and Ship Chandlers LLC. They are the exclusive distributor for Green Cola in the entire seven Emirates of the UAE. In 2019, Green Cola began selling beverages in the United States. Green Cola Bottling International aims to become one of the world's fastest-growing and most innovative beverage companies. Visit https://greencola.ae/ to know more about your favorite flavored drinks' health benefits and shopping! 

Words for you!

Soft drinks are not suitable for health; however, choices to combat the addiction to soft drinks and safer health are available. Huge numbers of companies are selling non-sugary drinks. However, we believe the excellent choice in replacing soft drinks is Green Cola's product for safer health. Just believe if you want relief from the addiction to soft drinks with fabulous taste, "Trust Green Cola."